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Safely Sharing The Road With Diesels: 5 Tips

Diesels are the largest vehicles with which we share the road. Due to their immense size, semi-trucks can cause serious damage to other vehicles and the people who occupy them in the event of an accident. Each professional truck driver is required to maintain strict safety requirements so as not to unnecessarily endanger other travelers (or themselves). However, they aren't the only ones who can and should take safety precautions. Here are a few general tips to help you safely share the road with tractor trailers, courtesy of our personal injury attorney in Lake Ozark, MO.

1. Avoid Their Blind Spots.

Because of their massive boxy shapes, tractor trailers are hard for truck drivers to see around. There are multiple blind spots around semi-trucks that are difficult or impossible for truckers to see. As you probably expect, the left-hand side is a large blind spot for truckers - if you pass them, do so swiftly so as to avoid spending as little time as possible in this blind spot.

However, the left-hand side isn't the only blind spot for truck drivers. It is also impossible for them to see cars that may be immediately in front of their cabs or directly behind their trailers. For your safety, it is best to avoid traveling in close proximity to tractor trailers at all times.

2. Give Them Plenty Of Room.

Blind spots aren't the only reason to avoid traveling too closely to semis. Due to their immense size, it is simply impossible for them to maneuver as quickly or as precisely as ordinary cars. It takes much longer for semis to slow down, and they must make much wider turns. In order to allow them space to maneuver and give all drivers time to react to the others' movements, it is best to leave more room between your vehicle and semi-trucks.

3. Stay Away From Trucks When They're Turning Or Changing Lanes.

It is always a good rule of thumb to leave plenty of space between your vehicle and semi-trucks, but sometimes you must come close to them (such as when you pass them in the other lane). If you must drive alongside a diesel, it is essential that you do so only when they are planing on staying in their lane. Watch closely for turn signals or brake lights or driving behavior indicating that the trucker is planning on turning or changing lanes. 

4. Drive Predictably.

Hopefully, truck drivers will see you as you approach their trucks. Though they will not be able to see you once you enter into their blind spots as you pass them, they should know that you are there. In order to minimize the chances of a collision, it is crucial that you drive smoothly and predictably when in proximity to diesels. Don't slow down, change lanes, or speed up until you are back within their lines of sight.

5. Assume They Don't See You.

In the event that there is a collision, the size of the diesel will work in its favor - chances are good that your injuries and the damage to your car will be much more severe than the damages/injuries the truckers sustain. When sharing the road with tractor trailers, it is always better to be safe than sorry - stay alert, be proactive, and assume that the truck driver cannot see your vehicle. 

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