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3 Common Misconceptions About Criminal Defense

As Americans, we have a basic responsibility not to harm one another. We also all have a fundamental right to be treated fairly and justly even if we do inflict harm on others or perform other illegal activity. Criminal defense is the branch of law dedicated specifically to ensuring that those who break the law are given fair treatment. Despite its importance, the field of criminal law is commonly misrepresented and misunderstood. This week, our criminal defense attorney in Lake Ozark MO is here to shed some light on a few lesser-known aspects of criminal defense.

TV Doesn't Know Everything

Before we look at some of the specific aspects of criminal defense that most people are not familiar with, we want to take a moment to acknowledge where this lack of accurate familiarity and education comes from: the media. The legal arena is an extremely popular subject for TV shows, movies, and other forms of entertainment. For the sake of making their stories more intriguing, it is not uncommon for directors, producers, and actors to overplay, misrepresent, or distort the way something would occur in real life. 

Unfortunately, laypeople watching these movies, TV shows, etc have no way of knowing which aspects of the legal arena are represented accurately and which ones are distorted. As a result, many laypeople are not only uneducated about the way legal proceedings are typically handled - they may be unknowingly misinformed by their favorite sources of entertainment.

3 Things Some People Don't Know About Criminal Defense

Whether as a result of direct misinformation from the media or a general lack of education, there are many things people get wrong about the world of criminal defense. Here is a quick look at the the truth behind some common misconceptions about criminal defense.

1. Trials Take Hours Upon Hours Of Preparation
The image of an attorney calmly and casually strolling into court on the day of a trial may be a popular one, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. Criminal trials require hours and hours of intense preparation. Experienced attorneys dig through the facts again and again, examining the evidence and looking at all the details from every possible angle. We memorize everything we can about the case, and we make lists of questions we intend to ask witnesses. In short, we do everything we can to make sure we can present the evidence in favor of our client's position.

2. Good Attorneys Do Not Hide Or Tamper With Evidence
While we do our best to present the evidence in a light that favors our client's position, it is important to note that a good, trustworthy criminal defense attorney does not in any way tamper with or hide the evidence that is presented. The media likes to portray shady situations wherein attorneys and clients try to mask certain pieces of evidence. However, any criminal attorney worth his salt won't have to resort to such a poor, dishonest practice. We acknowledge and respect all evidence brought to the table - and we examine it further to see if there is perhaps a different perspective or interpretation that deserves attention.

3. All Attorneys Are Not Created Equal
Finally, it is important to recognize that your experience with one attorney will likely be drastically different than your experience with another. Like professionals in all industries, some attorneys are significantly more skilled and experienced than their peers. Building a successful case requires a great deal of attention to detail, and effectively navigating the rigors of litigation demands skill and prowess. When selecting an attorney to represent you, take the time to learn his history. If you aren't impressed with his track record, don't be afraid to look elsewhere for the representation you need.

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