Friday, August 4, 2017

4 Essential Road Trip Safety Tips to Close Out Your Summer

With an increase in road trips and family vacations during the summer months, the roadways are usually busier than other times of the year. Along with the increase of traffic comes the additional chance of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Safety precautions should be taken by all drivers on the road. As your trusted law firm at the Lake of the Ozarks, we want to help provide you with tips for safer travels this summer. Below are a few pieces of advice when traveling the remainder of the summer months, courtesy of our personal injury lawyer at the Lake of the Ozarks.

1) Increase Following Distance

It's recommended to stay back 1 car length for each 10 miles an hour increment you are traveling. If you are going 70 mph on the interstate, try to stay at least 7 car lengths back from the vehicle in front of you. Traveling at a safe distance between vehicles gives you adequate reaction time should another vehicle swerve or come to a sudden stop. Multiple car incidents can often be avoided by increasing the distance between vehicles.

2) Avoid Tractor Trailer Blind Spots

With an extended trailer behind, many diesel trucks have large blind spots as they cruise down the highway. If you do pass a semi truck, use caution and get by them in a timely manner. Also pay attention to their blinkers, as you make a pass. In addition to blind spots while driving, a wide turning radius is another danger of traveling next to semi trucks. In order to navigate a turn, more than one lane may be needed. Try to stay clear of tractor trailer vehicles, as they turn at an intersection.

3) Keep Speed In Check

While traveling to your destination, it may be quite tempting to travel faster than the recommended speed. Whether you are running behind or simply want to get to your vacation destination quickly, try to fight the urge to speed. Increased speed not only leads to a more dangerous roadway for yourself and others, you are more apt to get pulled over for a speeding ticket.

4) Put the Device Down

In 2015, about 391,000 people were injured in a vehicle accident due to distracted driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While taking eyes off the road for a few seconds can seem harmless, the driving conditions in front of you can change in a split second. Designate a texter or leave the phone out of reach, to resist the urge to respond to a text. Also program your GPS before you hit the road on your next trip. This can help you and your family avoid being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Gibbons Law Firm Can Help

Even when using the utmost caution, roadway accidents to happen. If your are involved in a collision on your next summer trip and are injured, our Lake of the Ozarks personal injury lawyer can help. Our lawyer can help walk you through the necessary steps in your personal injury case. To learn more about how Gibbons Law Firm can help with your situation, call us to schedule your free initial consultation.

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