Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Top Legal Questions For Starting a Business

Starting a business may seem overwhelming at first. A legal professional can be a big help when working on a new business venture. With the amount of legal documentation needed to get your business off on the right foot, consider seeking legal help through this process. Our Lake of the Ozarks law firm can help you get your business up and running, legally. You may have a few questions as you start your business and Gibbons Law Firm is here to help! Take a look below to read the answers to common legal questions when starting a new business.

What is the right business structure for me?

Before starting a business, you will need to decide upon the business structure. As a sole proprietorship or general partnership, you and your business will be seen as the same entity. This can cause issues in your personal life should your business go into debt or be sued. To help protect against this, you can structure your business as a corporation, limited liability company, or limited liability partnership. This can help protect the personal assets of those involved in the company. Limited partnership and nonprofit corporations are also options for your new venture. A legal professional can offer the pros and cons of each type and offer advice as to which one is best for your future business.

What risk to I face when hiring employees?

Your business may be open to a number of risks and regulations as you hire employees. It's important to know the details of employment laws and to abide by the rules of employment for your state. Don't forget to keep good documentation of any employee activity - hiring, firing, and everything in between. Your business lawyer near the Lake of the Ozarks can help you know the regulations you need to follow and help you draft accurate documentation for any employment activity.

Should I trademark my brand?

A business name, logo, and slogan can be trademarked to help prevent other businesses from using the same branding technique as yours. To do so, you must register these items to be trademarked and ensure you are not using a graphic, name, or phrase that another business has already used.

What contracts do I need?

This depends on what type of business you are operating. Well-written contracts are very important for a business. They can help to protect your business, ensure you get paid for work you have completed, and help decrease the number of disputes brought against your future business. Your lawyer will be able to specifically narrow down what contracts are needed for your unique venture.

Do I need a lawyer for my business?

While it's not required, a legal professional can help your business in a number of ways. From helping establish your business and initial documentation to giving legal advice throughout your time in business, you may use your business lawyer a lot. It's best to have a legal professional on your side who knows your background when a legal issue arises. We'd be pleased if you would consider Gibbons Law Firm to be your legal professional for your new venture!

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