Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Test Your Legal Knowledge

Being in the legal business, we get asked a lot of questions! As your lawyer at the Lake of the Ozarks, we pride ourselves on offering sound legal advice for our clients. While legal situations can often be tense, we've decided to have a little bit of fun in this week's blog! Take a look below and test your legal knowledge by answering these questions before you read the answers.

Question #1: How can your employment be impacted by a criminal conviction?
Answer: Many employers will require a background check for all applicants. If an employer sees your criminal history, they may be less likely to call you for an interview or offer you a job. It's best to be upfront about your conviction when trying to land a job.

Question #2: What is a Homestudy in the adoption process?
Answer: Your adoption agency will send a representative to conduct a homestudy. During this process, they will ensure your home and your family are ready for the potential new addition to your family. This is typically an ongoing process that takes place over time.

Question #3: Can a business be sued for not taking action after a sexual harassment situation has taken place?
Answer: If nothing is done about sexual harassment in the workplace, the victim may have grounds to sue the employer. It's best to take action quickly if you are informed about sexual harassment at your business.

Question #4: Who is responsible for regular wear and tear in a rental property?
Answer: The landlord is to handle all typical wear that may happen in their rental home. Significant damage caused by the tenant should be repaired by the tenant.

Question #5: What is an easy way to reduce the number of workers compensation claims for my business?
Answer: Routine employee training can help to make sure all of your employees know how to safely conduct their duties. If a new piece of equipment is added to your business, ensure everyone knows the new safety protocol that is required for the new machine.

Question #6: How do I make sure no one else uses my business name?
Answer: Once you have double checked that your name is not used by anyone else, you can trademark your name. This can help give you rights to the name and deter other businesses from using it.

Questions #7: How can I make the divorce process less stressful on my kids?
Answer: It's encouraged to keep communication lines open with your spouse as you navigate the divorce process. Try to keep the conversation as positive as possible, especially when your children may overhear.

Question #8: Do I need an attorney if I was falsely accused of a crime?
Answer: An attorney can help gather the right information to present your case in a professional manner. Even if you know you are innocent, the judge or jury has the final say about your case.

Question #9: What does a bail bondsman do?
Answer: A bond agent can provide the funds needed to cover your bail to get out of jail, for a small fee. Once an agent has posted your bond, they are now responsible for ensuring you make it back for your court date.

Now that you've taken the legal quiz, you hopefully have learned a little more about the legal world. Do you have a question that wasn't answered? Gibbons Law Firm would be honored to help you with your legal situation. Contact us today to help answer your legal questions. Remember, your first consultation with our Lake of the Ozarks law firm is always free! We look forward to answering your legal questions and hearing about your case!

Remember, your initial consultation with Gibbons Law Firm is always free.

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