Thursday, March 15, 2018

Distracted Driving - The Legal Dangers You May Face

Distracted driving has claimed the lives of 3,477 in 2015 alone. The best way to combat this tragic occurrence is to educate drivers about the dangers - not only the physical dangers but the legal impact it may have on your life. As your Lake of the Ozarks lawyer, we know how important it is to keep focused on the roadway when behind the wheel. In this week's blog, Gibbons Law Firm will cover some of the legal dangers you may face if you drive distracted.

Top Driving Distractors:

Texting - Texting takes visual, cognitive, AND manual attention away from driving - all at the same time. The average time the eyes leave the road to read a text message is five seconds. That is about 100 yards if you are traveling 55 miles per hour. A driver is 23 times MORE likely to be involved in an accident if they text while driving.

Eating - When you eat while driving, you are taking your attention away from the roadway. Many times you may look down to search for your food in the bag or look to locate your drink. When you eat in the car, there is a higher chance of dropping food which can lead to further distractions trying to pick it back up. Anytime your eyes leave the road or your attention is drawn away from driving, it can create a dangerous situation on the roadway.

Music - Changing the radio station seems like a simple task, but it can easily take your attention off the road. Reaching to turn the dial and worrying about which station you are on can be a distractor. If you are changing a cd, it can be an even bigger distraction fumbling with the cd case and inserting it into the player.

GPS - It's best to configure your GPS before starting to drive. Trying to type in an address while moving can be difficult and dangerous. When driving, try to pay attention to what your GPS is telling you ahead of time. This can help to avoid last minute lane changes when you are busy driving.

Grooming - A number of people will take care of some facial grooming behind the wheel. From putting on makeup to shaving, you may feel like you are saving time if you do these tasks while driving. Multitasking behind the wheel is dangerous for you and others on the roadway.

Legal Dangers of Distracted Driving:

While distracted driving may not be illegal, there are legal consequences you may face if you do operate a vehicle while focused on something else. If someone is injured due to your negligence while operating a vehicle, you may face a wide range of penalties – including the risk of being sued. On the flip side, if you are injured due to someone else driving while distracted, it’s important to know your rights. A lawyer who specializes in personal injury can help represent your claim if you’re involved in a distracted driving situation.

Our law firm at the Lake of the Ozarks encourages you to keep your eyes on the road and stay focused. Distracted driving can present a number of legal dangers. If you are involved in an accident due to being distracted, our law firm can help present your case. As a personal injury lawyer at the Lake of the Ozarks, we can help guide you through the legal process you are about to face. For a FREE consultation for your personal injury case in mid-Missouri, set up an appointment with us today!

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