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Road Trip Safety Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner. With the long holiday weekend, many families are planning a weekend getaway. During holiday weekends, there is typically more traffic on the roadways. With the increase in vehicles on the road, the chance for an accident increases significantly. As your Lake of the Ozarks lawyer, we know it's important to use extra caution when navigating the roadways this holiday. Take a look below to find some safety tips you can keep in mind as you head out on your road trip this weekend.

Increase Following Distance

When driving behind a vehicle, it's recommended to leave one car distance for every 10 miles per hour you are traveling. This would mean 6 car lengths if you are traveling 60MPH. This allows for adequate reaction time if the vehicle in front of your comes to an abrupt stop. It's especially important to allow the proper distance between cars when traveling on the interstate with a lot of other vehicles.

Think About Blind Spots

When passing vehicles, remember they have blind spots and may not be able to see your vehicle. Especially when going by semi-trucks, keep in mind the large blind spot in which your car may be driving. It's also important to think about your own vehicle blind spots when making a move on the roadway.

Drive When Well-Rested

An alert driver can have a much better reaction time to changes on the roadway. Always drive when you are well-rested. A drowsy driver is almost as dangerous as a drunk driver. Your reactions may be delayed and you could even fall asleep at the wheel if driving when tired.

Designate a Driver

Never drink and drive! Driving under the influence can delay your reactions and make it hard to navigate the roadway. It creates a potentially deadly situation for you and all others on the roadway. If you are in no condition to drive, designate a driver or call a taxi.

Minimize Distractions

It's important to keep your entire focus on the road when driving. Cell phones, eating, changing the radio, and adjusting the GPS are all common causes of vehicle accidents. Keep your full attention on driving when operating a vehicle.

Abide by Traffic Laws

Speeding is a common traffic law that is broken. It's important to travel at the designated speed for the safety of you and your passengers, as well as others on the road. Ensure everyone in your vehicle is bucked before taking off on your trip. Using your blinker is an easy way to let others around you know what your intentions are when navigating the road. Think about the things you learned when you first started driving and stick with those rules!

Check Driving Conditions

Before you hit the road, check the roadway conditions along your route. If there is a lot of traffic due to construction, consider adjusting your route or traveling through that region at a less-busy time. Weather is another important factor that can have an impact on your road trip. Keep an eye on weather conditions in your area.

Practice Defensive Driving

When driving, try to predict potential moves from the other drivers on the road. Expect the unexpected! This can help you have a plan in place if another vehicle makes a sporadic move. Always be on the defense when driving - especially in heavy traffic conditions.

Driving is a major responsibility. You are not only taking your life and others in your vehicle, you have an impact on the lives of others on the roadway, as well. It's important to think about this great responsibility as you head out on your road trip. Take time to make the right decisions and put your complete focus on the road ahead.

Are you taking a road trip this Memorial Day Weekend? If so, we hope these safety tips are helpful during your travels. If you do find yourself in the unfortunate event of an accident, it's important to know your rights. Whether you are at fault or a victim, Gibbons Law Firm can help represent your personal injury case at the Lake of the Ozarks. Give our Lake of the Ozarks law firm a call today and remember, your first consultation with us is always free! Have a safe holiday weekend!

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