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Steps to Take if You Are Involved in a Car Wreck

About six million car accidents happen each year and one-third of them result in a personal injury. That's a lot! With a high number of car wrecks happening, it's important to know what steps you should take if you are involved in one. Whether you are driving or a passenger, these steps can be helpful. As your personal injury lawyer at the Lake of the Ozarks, our law firm wants to help you know your rights. If you are involved in an accident in mid-Missouri, legal representation can help you navigate through your case. Take a look at the steps below to take, if you are involved in a vehicle wreck.

Ensure All Parties are Safe

Right after an accident happens, make sure all parties are ok. If able to, move vehicles off the road to help avoid a traffic jam. Once you've made sure all parties are safe and out of harm's way, you can start to gather information.

Notify Authorities

If you or someone else is injured and needs medical attention, call 911 right away. An ambulance can help treat an injured party and ensure they receive the proper attention required for their injury. It's also important to notify the police of an accident. They will want to conduct an accident report and will need to be on the scene to evaluate.

Gather Information

If everyone seems ok, you can start gathering information. If you are able, take down names, car types, license, and insurance information from all involved parties. Also, gather information from any witnesses to the accident. Be courteous and polite during this process, but don't admit fault. It can be helpful to photograph the damage to all vehicles and the scene, if possible.

Request a Tow

If you are unable to drive your vehicle away from the scene, contact a tow company right away. If your vehicle is on the side of the road or even some parking lots for any length of time, you may get a fine. Getting your vehicle out of the way is important, especially if it is obstructing traffic.

Notify Insurance

As soon as possible, contact your insurance company and notify them of the incident. This can help get the process started with your claim. Provide as much information as possible to your insurer and follow their directions as to what your next steps will be.

Document the Accident

As soon as you are able, document the entire accident. Write down what happened from your perspective. Also note any outside conditions that may have impacted the situation - weather, other traffic, etc.

Request Incident Reports

After the accident, request the incident report from the responding authorities. These reports are filed by the police and may take a few days to be completed. Try to get this information as soon as possible to assist with your insurance claim.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

If you or another party was injured during this collision, it's important to know your rights. An experienced lawyer can help protect your rights and guide you through the legal process you may encounter.

It's important to know your rights if you are involved in an accident. Following these steps can help keep you and anyone else involved safe. Here at Gibbons Law Firm, we can help you navigate through your personal injury case at the Lake of the Ozarks. Contact our Lake of the Ozarks law firm today to schedule your first consultation with us!

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