Thursday, November 1, 2018

Ways to Streamline the Divorce Process

A divorce is a trying time for everyone involved but it can also be quite time consuming. If you are worried about the financial burden and time required to get a divorce, there are ways to help speed up the process. As your divorce attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks, we know how important it is to fight for what you deserve but we also know the importance of time. If you are thinking about dissolving your marriage, take a look below for some ways to help streamline the divorce process.

Get your Documentation Ready

Your attorney will let you know what type of documentation will be required to get the divorce process started. They may also give you a list of other paperwork needed to represent your case. If you are looking to keep the length of time needed to complete a divorce at bay, gather any and all paperwork requested in a timely manner. Consider it will take some time for your lawyer to review this documentation and for your spouse's lawyer to take time to go over it, as well.

Consider Settlement Offers

A settlement offer is when one spouse presents an offer as to how belongings and other shared property should be divided. This process is what takes a large chunk of time - behind deciding child custody. When it comes to dividing your community property, try to be as fair and agreeable as possible. This can help the process go smoothly and cut down on time required to go back and forth between lawyers.

Communicate with Lawyer

When your lawyer reaches out, try to get back with them as soon as possible. Many times a lawyer taking time to reach a client is a big time consumer. Open and prompt communication is key to a timely divorce. If you are worried about the length of time required to complete the divorce process, be sure you are easily reachable and respond in a timely manner.

Now that you know some of these tips to help streamline the divorce process, you are ready to get your things in order. If you are thinking about ending your marriage, contact our Lake of the Ozarks law firm today. Gibbons Law Firm can help walk you through the entire process and give you pointers on what processes can be streamlined by you and your spouse. And don't forget, your first consultation with our divorce lawyer at the Lake of the Ozarks if free!

Remember, your initial consultation with Gibbons Law Firm is always free.

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