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Helpful Tips for PARENTS Getting Divorced

Your little ones may not understand fully what's going on when it comes to your divorce. As a parent, you may feel guilty, but keep in mind that many have been through this and have found a way to still stay a family. Our divorce lawyers at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to give a few helpful tips for parents getting divorced in this week's blog. If you are in need of an experienced divorce attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks, contact Gibbons Law Firm for a free consultation. We can be reached at 573-348-2211.

Helpful Tips for PARENTS Getting Divorced

Control your anger in a healthy way.
It's important that you keep your temper about the divorce in check, especially around your children. You can use healthy ways of channeling your anger that still allow you to express yourself without alarming your children, such as journaling. Writing your feelings down can really help.

Assure your children they are in no way the blame for this divorce.
Children may not understand the whole situation fully. It can be common for children to blame themselves for their parents getting divorced. In their eyes, they have to be the cause and they feel responsible. As their parents, assure them that this is not their fault and that you and your co-parent still love them very much. Make them feel supported and that everything will be ok.

Refrain speaking badly about your ex in front of your children.
Speaking poorly about your ex in front of your child is one of the worst things you can do. You've got to show your kids that while you are getting divorced you can still work together to be the best parents you can be and the parents they deserve.

Communicate with your ex directly.
Don't ask your kids to carry messages back and forth between your ex, that can't be healthy for them and things can get lost in translation. Communicate with your ex fairly and effectively. If you have children with your ex, that's a commitment that should last for your kids whether you get divorced or not.

Allow your child to be heard.
As a child, when your parents get divorced it can feel like your whole world is changing. As a parent, be understanding of that and if your child has questions, hear them out and answer them. Let your child express their feelings and just be supportive.

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