Friday, November 15, 2019

Safe Driving During the Holiday Season

We are just at the beginning of the winter season and knee-deep in the holiday season. Personal injury law applies to claims that arise when a person has sustained injury or damage caused by another party. The cases range from those involving a motor vehicle and boating accidents, business torts, defective products, premises liability, sexual harassment and discrimination, workers’ compensation, and wrongful death.

At Gibbons Law Firm, we know that safe driving can make a huge difference in avoiding unnecessary accidents. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you spend time out on the open road during the holidays and winter months.

Make Room
There will be more drivers on the road during this time of year, so it’s especially important to give them plenty of space on the road. The faster your car is traveling, the longer it will take for you to slow down, stop, or turn. Avoid tailgating the cars in front of you, and stay alert for nearby drivers who may be turning or merging.

Don’t Drive Intoxicated
Drinking and driving is an obvious hazard. There are warning signs posted all around, organizations make it their primary goal to educate as many people as possible to the dangers, and police officers work many hours to keep intoxicated drivers off of our roads. Alcohol impairment still accounts for about one-third of the traffic deaths in the United States, and 1.8% of adults in Missouri report driving after drinking too much (source: CDC). Don’t be a part of the statistic, find a designated driver and do not drink and drive.

Put Your Phone Down
Texting and driving has been established as a dangerous practice, but that doesn’t keep drivers from continuing to do it. There is an alarming number of drivers who cannot resist the temptation to check their phones, send a quick message, and endanger themselves and the other drivers around them. Ask a passenger to send the message for you, or wait until you have arrived at your destination.

Get Rest
Tired drivers will put themselves and those around them at great risk. Sleep-deprived drivers can be just as likely, if not more likely, than drunk drivers to be in an accident. In fact, some argue that drowsy driving can bee even more risky than distracted driving. If you know a road trip is coming up, be sure to get plenty of sleep the night before.

Before You Hit the Road
Sometimes freak accidents can be avoided by a little preparation ahead of time. Here are a few things you can do before you hit the road to make sure your car is ready for the adventure.

  • Check your tire pressure
  • Check your fluid levels
  • Have your car looked at by a professional

Count on Gibbons Law Firm for Personal Injury Cases at the Lake of the Ozarks

Our entire team wishes you and your family a safe and enjoyable holiday season. If you will be out on the road visiting family or friends, we hope that you enjoy your celebrations and arrive safely. If, however, you suffer an injury at the hands of another driver, our personal injury lawyer in Lake Ozark, MO is ready to defend your rights and help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

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