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Evidence Examples To Gather In a Personal Injury Case

Personal injury cases - this could mean a number of different types of cases ranging from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents, business torts, defective products, premises liability, sexual harassment, discrimination, workers’ compensation, or wrongful death. In this week's blog, our personal injury attorneys at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to give you a few examples of pieces of evidence that you may want to gather when you're in the middle of a personal injury case. If you find yourself injured in an accident caused by the negligence of someone else, please call Gibbons Law Firm today to get the compensation you deserve. We can be reached at 573-348-2211. Your initial consultation will be free.

Evidence Examples To Gather In a Personal Injury Case

It is important that you take as many photos as you can. For example, if your personal injury case is a car accident, be sure to get photos of everything. Take photos of the entire car, every damaged area. It doesn't hurt to take photos of your injures if any as well. These photos may be very beneficial in court, but also with your insurance company. Print them out, if you can. Keep a digital file as well. Having back up records is a good idea.

Medical Records
If you sustained any injuries from your accident that was caused by another person, keep the medical records from the healthcare facility you go to for your injuries. It's important you can prove how much you had to pay for your injuries so there's a clear reason you are seeking that amount in compensation.

Receipts of Medical Supplies You Had to Buy
If you had to pay for a wheelchair or crutches, for example, out of your own pocket, keep all of these receipts. This will be important for your attorney to have when fighting for the compensation you seek.

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