Friday, July 31, 2020

Motorcycle Safety Tips For Motorsports Awareness Month

Did you know that August is Motorsports Awareness Month? Motorcycle Safety is truly important and should be discussed more often due to the MANY motorcycle accidents that happen each year. Our personal injury attorneys at the Lake of the Ozarks want to give you some motorcycle safety tips in this week's blog. If you or someone you care about has been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver, please call our Law Firm at the Lake of the Ozarks today. Your first consultation is free and we can be reached at (573) 348-2211.

Pay attention at all times!
You should always be alert while driving a motorcycle. Stay within the speed limit and come to a complete stop at all intersections. Also, research local traffic laws before traveling out of the state.

Never assume someone can see you and be mindful of blind spots.
When on a motorcycle you may be harder to see than a full-sized vehicle. Don't ever assume another driver can see you. Stay on the defense when riding your bike. Think about the blind spot on vehicles as you are passing or pulling out.

Educate yourself and get comfortable on your motorcycle.
If you're uncomfortable while driving your motorcycle, there's likely a valid reason for that. An educational course is readily available for motorcycle riders. It's important to be comfortable on your bike and know how to properly operate the vehicle. Sharpen your techniques and practice driving your motorcycle.

Only drive your motorcycle while you're sober.
Like any motor vehicle, it's important to stay awake and drive sober. You want to ensure your reaction time is as short as possible when riding your bike. Alcohol or being tired can damper your ability to react to a situation on the road. Ensure you are in a safe condition to properly operate your bike.

It's important that you wear the proper protection.
Protective clothing is important for all riders, but there is about to be a change to the Missouri Helmet Law that you should be aware of. It's currently a state law to wear a helmet in the state of Missouri, but starting August 28th, anyone 26 years of age or older is no longer legally required to wear a helmet if they possess health insurance. Sunglasses or other eyewear can help you see better, as well. Leather clothing can protect your skin from the harsh wind and other factors. Consider buying clothing with extra reflective features to help increase visibility to other drivers.

Be Safe and Remember Our Personal Injury Attorneys Are Here For You!

No one wants to see someone they love get injured in a motorcycle accident and it happens way too often. Negligent drivers are out there and if you know someone who has been injured in a motorcycle accident and has medical bills stacking up, please have them give us a call. Our personal injury attorneys in Mid-Missouri have the experience and skills to help you get the compensation you deserve. Please call Gibbons Law Firm today at (573) 348-2211.

Remember, your initial consultation with Gibbons Law Firm is always free.

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