Friday, September 30, 2022

Do YOU Know What to Do If You Are Ever in a Car Accident?

It’s not something anyone plans for, but the odds are that in your lifetime you or someone you know will be involved in a car accident. It’s a very uncomfortable experience to say the least. It can be difficult to stay focused and know what to do at the scene of the accident. This is especially true if it is a very serious accident. But a serious accident means there are likely to be some long-term effects and knowing what to do at the time can make a big difference on potential personal injury claims. The number one thing is to make sure everyone is OK and safe, and to prevent one accident from causing another. But knowing what else to do at the time when you’ve just been through a traumatic event can be very difficult. So, in this blog we wanted to help you think about it ahead of time so that if you or anyone else you know finds themselves in a serious car accident at Lake of the Ozarks, you can feel a little more prepared to handle the situation.

Safety First

The first thing to do when you’ve been in an accident is to observe your surroundings. Look to see if there are any immediate dangers or hazards, and if possible, drivers of both vehicles should get their car off the roadway as quickly as they can. If one or both vehicles cannot be moved, it is usually best if everyone exits their vehicles and stands at the side of the road away from traffic. It’s important to keep an eye on traffic and be aware the whole time because it’s a very vulnerable place to be. Call a tow truck immediately, and if the accident happened on a blind curve or hill and it is possible to set markers or road flares so that upcoming drivers will know to slow down it is good to do so. 

Emergency Responders

It is important to have a police report made at the time of the accident. You will need that for documentation right away for your insurance company. You will also want to get a copy of the accident report for your own records as well. It’s also important to make sure everyone is OK medically. Being evaluated by a medical professional will help document any injuries, and make sure everyone gets the treatment they need right away. It’s actually possible to have broken bones and other trauma and not realize it at the time of the accident because you are in a state of shock or the effects of not really set in yet. That is why medical evaluation is such an important thing to do when you’ve been in a serious car accident.


Just in case you have to prove your case in the future, you want to document everything as quickly as possible. You’ll remember less as time goes on, and you never know what detail may be significant later on. If you can take pictures of the scene and the damage caused, that is very important. It’s also good to take notes and write down anything that you remember about what led up to the accident, and any other factors that may have contributed. Even if you think it is unrelated or insignificant, the more details you can write down the better it is to have just in case.

Call Your Insurance Agent

You will want to let your insurance agent know as soon as possible that you had an accident. They will be able to walk you through filing a claim and can help you through the process. 

Call for a Free Consultation at Gibbons Law Firm

Last but certainly not least, you need to know where you stand legally, what your rights are, and what your options are. Our personal injury attorneys in Lake Ozark have helped countless clients win the settlements they need to help compensate for the effects of being injured due to someone else’s negligence in mid-Missouri. We know how important it is to have experienced representation, and we don’t want finances to be a barrier to anyone in that position. So, we generally represent personal injury cases on a contingency basis, which means you don’t have to have money in order to have someone there to represent you and fight for your rights. If you or anyone you love has been in a serious car accident and needs guidance and legal information about what to do, Gibbons Law Firm is here for you. Just call us at the number below and schedule your free initial consultation. We share helpful legal information on a regular basis, so if you’d like to hear more, be sure to follow us on social media. The links to our channels are below.

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Friday, September 23, 2022

Legal Help for Single Parents

Family law is an area that Gibbons Law Firm is very compassionate about. We understand that the result of any legal issue involving family law has a deep impact on every member of the family. We are experienced in helping families through numerous legal issues, we never forget that we are dealing with people's lives and futures, and we always strive towards the best possible outcome. We are especially aware of the importance when we are working for a single parent. We want them to know that they don’t have to face a family law issue alone. Roger Gibbons offers free initial consultations, so you have the opportunity to learn what your rights are and where you stand in any given situation. If you are a single parent we would like to share with you several ways that Gibbons Law Firm could be a help to you.

1 - Last Will

Not only is it important for you to have a will, but it’s also important for you to keep it up-to-date. Having a will made may be one of the most important things you can do as a single parent. The reason being, you don’t want to leave such important decisions as who will raise your child, and what their inheritance will be to a stranger. You don’t want to take a chance on your child’s legal guardian being someone from the state rather than a close friend or family member.

2 - Guardianship

While this is a difficult topic, it is an essential part of your will and a decision that no one else should make except you. If your child’s other parent is not living, or is not willing or able to care for your child if something were to happen to you, our estate planning attorneys in mid-Missouri can make sure that your wishes are known and carried it out when it comes to who would take care of your child. Most often a parent chooses another family member, but sometimes they choose a close friend … usually with a focus on finding someone who will raise their child with a similar philosophy and parenting style as their own. They want a home environment for the child that is going to be as familiar as possible, safe, healthy, and nurturing. Once you have spoken with this person and know that they are in agreement, our family law attorneys in Lake Ozark can help you document it legally.

3 - Paternity

If a man and woman are unmarried when their child is born, the man will not automatically be given parental rights. He must first establish paternity. It is always advisable that he have an experienced attorney help him through that process for a more timely and positive outcome.

4 - Custody

Sometimes custody issues can come up with single parents. They may be trying to get custody, get more custody, or change the custody arrangement somehow. There are a number of do’s and don’ts that your attorney can share with you to help you strategize and improve your chances of getting the custody you are seeking. Your attorney can also be a huge asset when it comes to negotiating and keeping emotions under control, especially if there are opposing interests between two single parents.

5 - Child Support

Child support can be a challenging issue for single parents. It is a lot of responsibility just trying to raise your children as a single parent, but having to fight for child support at the same time can really be overwhelming. At our law firm in Lake Ozark, we are familiar with the process and I’ve helped countless clients towards successful outcomes. We know that your family’s well-being depends on a fair settlement, and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

These are just a few of the ways that attorney Roger Gibbons is able to be a help to single parents in need of representation and legal advice at Lake of the Ozarks. He appreciates parents who care about providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment for their kids and he wants them to know he is here to help with all their family law needs. If you have questions regarding any of these topics or others, he welcomes you to call his Lake Ozark law firm and request a free initial consultation. It’s a great opportunity to get to know him better, and to get a grasp on where you stand legally. If you found this blog helpful, you can always follow us on social media to hear more helpful legal tips and information on a regular basis from Gibbons Law Firm.

Remember, your initial consultation with Gibbons Law Firm is always free.

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Friday, September 16, 2022

Roger Gibbons' Diverse Background and the Clients He Helps

Roger Gibbons’ vast experience has become a great asset to his clients over the years, and diversity is one of the things that makes Roger Gibbons stand out. Not just the diversity of his legal background and experience, but also the diversity of skill sets. He has a commitment to listening to his clients, empathizing with what they are going through and what their concerns are, and guiding them through the difficulties they face. He also has the confidence to take something to trial if it’s in the best interest of his client. He gained this experience and these skills working in his private practice since 1992 and serving over a decade as a state prosecutor. He has literally prosecuted thousands of criminal cases of all types. If you’d like to know an attorney who is capable, compassionate, and able to communicate clearly both with his clients and in the courtroom, we’d like to tell you more about Roger Gibbons and his Lake Ozark law firm.

The Attorney

Roger’s whole focus is on listening and understanding his clients. His approach is to provide well-balanced legal advice based on his comprehensive understanding of numerous areas of the law. He is compassionate, honest and straightforward with his clients at a time when they need nothing less.

Types of Clients

Gibbons Law Firm has helped a wide variety of clients including:







-small businesses



-government entities

Types of Cases

Gibbons Law Firm has helped clients with the following types of cases including:

-accident/personal injury law

-appellate practice

-business and corporate law

-child custody matters

-construction law


-criminal defense

-divorce and family law

-employment law


-land use and zoning

-real estate laws

-wills and probate

-workers’ compensation

Family law

Family law covers a lot of different situations and can be quite complex as well as emotional. This may include everything from adoption to divorce, child custody, paternity, guardianships, prenuptials, estate planning and much more. As you might imagine, having a personality that is empathetic and open to listening but also emotionally balanced is just what you want in your family law attorney at Lake of the Ozarks. Roger is able to look at all the aspects, keep your end goal in mind, and negotiate on your behalf to look out for your rights and those you love.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury is a very specific type of law and having an attorney that understands how to investigate and prove that another party’s wrongful conduct caused the injury or damage is key. Having an attorney with trial experience is another asset when facing a personal injury case and having a record of obtaining settlements and winning jury trials like Roger Gibbons has, can create stronger negotiating power when dealing with insurance companies. Gibbons Law Firm generally represents personal injury clients on a contingency fee basis and only receive compensation with the case is resolved. So, if you or someone you care about believes you may have a personal injury case at Lake of the Ozarks, take advantage of the free consultation with Roger Gibbons to find out what your rights are and if you have a strong case.

Criminal Law

Every person accused of a crime has specific legal rights under the United States and Missouri constitutions as well as the laws of Missouri. The rights of free citizens depend on these protections in order to keep our justice system truly just. Anyone facing criminal charges is facing the extensive resources of law-enforcement agencies and prosecutors at the very least. Because of that they face the potential of lengthy incarceration, heavy fines and other penalties. At Gibbons Law Firm we are committed to providing clients with criminal defense services in mid-Missouri that will ensure their rights are protected and that they are treated fairly.

Bringing All These Skills to the Table for You

Roger Gibbons knows that when you’re facing any of these types of legal issues, it’s critical for you to know what your rights are and what your course of action should be. The outcome depends on it, and often the stakes are quite high. That is a big reason why he offers free initial consultations. All you have to do is call our office or go to and fill out a contact form. So don’t hesitate to find out what your legal rights are and where you stand on your particular legal issue. Be sure to follow us on social media as well, where we will share helpful tips and legal information regularly. You can use the links below to follow us on your favorite platforms.

Remember, your initial consultation with Gibbons Law Firm is always free.

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Thursday, September 8, 2022

Tips to Reduce Costs and Drama During Your Divorce

At Gibbons Law Firm, we know that divorce can be hard. As family law attorneys at Lake of the Ozarks, we have seen it first hand, and we empathize with the families that go through it. Fear of the unknown can be very heavy, and the ways the divorce could affect finances, family relationships and much more can be daunting to think about. But, in our decades of experience, we have learned a few things about what can make a divorce go more smoothly, with less drama. When divorces are more streamlined, they can go quicker and be much more affordable. If you would like to hear a few tips on how you can reduce the cost and complexity of your divorce, we wrote this blog for you.

Set Your Mind on the End Goal

Because of the emotional nature of a divorce, it can be very easy to get sidetracked or focused on who is right and wrong. But ultimately, your purpose at the end of the process is that you are able to move forward to the next chapter of your life. You are trying to get out of the situation you’re in so you can move on to something better. When you realize that you know this is not the time to prove who is at fault or a process designed to resolve the issues in your relationship. The more you can focus on what position you need to be in to move forward and doing what you can do to help make that happen, the better. If you get focused on all the reasons you and your soon-to-be ex don’t get along, it can be a major distraction from your goal. So, try to stay away from bringing up all the wrongs of the past, and set yourself up for success in the future by focusing on your end goals throughout the divorce process.

Communicate Your Purpose Clearly

Once your mindset is on the end goal, try to keep all of your communications about that goal. Everything should lead back to the goal of moving forward with a fair settlement. Obviously, some couples are past the point of being able to communicate well because of all they’ve been through. But if you have an amicable relationship in any way and are able to communicate with your spouse what your position is and what you are seeking, it can help diffuse the emotions and avoid the time and energy wasted in rehashing the past. That can make your divorce go much more quickly and be less costly. If you are unable to communicate with your spouse in a productive way, that is what your attorney is for. A skilled divorce attorney will listen to your goals and be able to communicate them effectively and negotiate with your spouse or their attorney to help advocate for you and represent your wishes as he works to negotiate your divorce settlement.

Find the Common Ground

Even if you have to be the better person, it is going to be much easier if you are able to come to an agreement with your spouse. If the courts have to decide for the two of you, they will look into numerous factors. These can include income, earning potential, spending habits, and more. As you might imagine, this makes things more complicated and drawn out. That is usually not conducive to a less expensive process. If you let yourself get stuck on getting everything that you want, you may be paying more for it than is actually worth to you. Now is the best time to set emotions aside and look for an agreement that you believe your spouse would be willing to accept, that you know you can live with. The more you have a business mindset when you are approaching your divorce proceedings, The more effective you may be in achieving your end goals and avoiding the drama (and cost).

Make it Easier on Yourself with Help from Gibbons Law Firm

Our divorce attorneys in mid-Missouri want this difficult process to be as easy as possible for you and your family. We know that the outcome of this proceeding will have a direct effect on many aspects of your life. We are here to be your advocate and help you through the process, and we have the experience and empathy to do that effectively. If you are in the planning stages of a divorce in Central Missouri and would like to learn more about where you stand, and what your rights are, we offer free initial consultations at our Lake Ozark law firm. Just give us a call to get on the schedule. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your situation and how we can help. If you are interested in hearing more helpful legal information from Gibbons Law Firm, we invite you to follow us on our social media channels. We have links below to make it easy.

Remember, your initial consultation with Gibbons Law Firm is always free.

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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Safety Tips for Labor Day Weekend

After a fun and busy summer at Lake of the Ozarks, many people are looking forward to this Labor Day weekend. Some are looking forward to their last long weekend before the end of summer, and others are looking forward to a little bit slower pace as we move into fall. But either way it’s a celebratory weekend for most of us here at Lake of the Ozarks. It also is a weekend that can see a greater number of accidents and injuries. At Gibbons Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys at Lake of the Ozarks know how a personal injury can severely limit a person's life, and we are always looking for ways to prevent tragedies when possible. So, this week's blog will include a few safety tips for you to keep in mind this holiday weekend. If you’d like to celebrate to the fullest but also in the safest way possible, we think you will find these tips to be helpful.

Fireworks Safety

The Lake of the Ozarks is well known for its fireworks celebrations - especially on holiday weekends. If you or the people you will be hanging out with over the weekend are planning on shooting fireworks, be sure it’s being done safely. Of course, you want to only shoot fireworks in an area away from people, houses, cars, trees etc., and on a hard flat surface where they are not prone to falling over. It’s important to never put any part of your body over the fireworks while or after being lit, and it is also smart to wear safety glasses. The people and property around you are depending on you to be safe, so have water or fire extinguisher ready and be diligent. Last but not least, the person who is planning on doing the fireworks should also plan on abstaining from alcohol, or waiting till after the fireworks are done.

photo credit: Fun Lake MO

Driving Safely

Holiday weekends often result in more accidents, probably for a number of reasons. We know that there will be more people on the road, and that many of them will be excited about traveling to their destination for a fun weekend. That could mean they are a little more distracted. Holiday weekends also usually means celebrating, and many people do that with alcohol. So, the chances of being on the road with people who may have been drinking can be higher on a holiday weekend. Here in the Ozarks you’re likely to have more visitors on a holiday weekend as well which means people who are not as familiar with the roads. As we know, here in the Ozarks there are areas that have no shoulders and a lot of blind curves and hills. So, it’s important to watch your speeds, keep a good distance between you and the car in front of you, drive defensively, avoid distractions, and of course, do not drink and drive.

Safe Boating and Swimming

No doubt there will be a lot of people boating and swimming this weekend, and a lot of traffic out on the water. Here at the lake, there is usually a pretty wide variety of boats, as well as a range of experience when it comes to their captains. That can make navigating traffic and waves very challenging. Unexpected things can happen, and that is why it’s always recommended to wear your life jacket and make sure everyone in the boat does as well. When you go swimming, go with a buddy, not alone. If you head out for the day or for a long distance, keep an eye on the weather. You should know what’s on the radar before you commit to a long boat trip especially on a holiday weekend. As always, we are reminded of the many ways alcohol can impair your judgment, your reaction time, your coordination, and more. It is inadvisable to agree to captain a boat if you’ve been drinking. You are responsible for your safety and that of those around you, and no one is celebrating this holiday weekend with the intent or idea of getting hurt or hurting someone else. One of the easiest ways to avoid a tragedy is to be responsible with your drinking, no matter the context or circumstances.

photo credit: Fun Lake MO

At Gibbons Law Firm, we have seen people‘s lives absolutely devastated because of bad decisions, and also because of the negligence of others. We don’t like to see that happen to anyone. We are here to help you if you’ve been seriously injured at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we would like to help everyone to prevent injuries. We hope you appreciated this blog and keep these simple tips in mind as you’re enjoying this holiday weekend. If you’d like to hear more tips and helpful legal information from our Lake Ozark law firm, we have links below for you to follow on social media. Have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!

Remember, your initial consultation with Gibbons Law Firm is always free.

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