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Helping Families Through Difficult Times with Our Family Law Services

Family Law covers a broad range of situations … from adoption to divorce, to child custody.  Some are happy events, some are devastating events, but most of them are emotionally charged.  For many people, family means everything.  So, in any legal conflict regarding family, the stakes feel very high. 

At Gibbons Law Firm we assist clients with all types of family law cases with compassion and dedication because we know how important it is for families to receive the help they need in difficult times. Today’s blog shares with you the different types of legal situations families can go through and how a family law attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks can help.  

Separation and Divorce

When a marriage has become “irretrievably broken” and one or both spouses have decided that divorce is the best course of action, a family law attorney can assist with the details.  From division of assets and liabilities, spousal support, child custody, child support and more, a knowledgeable attorney with the ability to listen and counsel clients, to diffuse conflict and litigate when necessary, can make all the difference in the successful outcome of a family law case.

This is a large part of what practicing family law is about, and it is especially complex if there are children. During a divorce, spouses are making decisions that will have a big effect on the kids. An experienced mediator that helps navigate mutually agreeable terms with the least negative impact on the children can make the process go more smoothly and successfully. 

Adoption & Guardianship

There are a multitude of circumstances that can lead to the need for an adoption or guardianship, but one thing is always true.  The welfare of a child or family member is of utmost importance and must be protected.  With Gibbons Law Firm, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you have an experienced family law attorney to handle every step of the process.

Annulments, Prenuptials, Post nuptials

Family law attorneys can also help with other relationship arrangements including annulments. An annulment is different than a divorce in that it declares that a legal marriage never existed.  Gibbons Law Firm can help you with building the case and evidence to establish an annulment.  For couples interested in pre- or post-nuptials, we can assist with that as well.

Paternity Cases

Establishing paternity is another area of family law that our clients sometimes require.  If you are in a position where you are trying to prove paternity, having a highly effective family law attorney on your side can make a difference.   

Termination of Parental Rights

This is yet another extremely sensitive aspect of family law where what is best for the children is the ultimate focus.  Unfortunately, sometimes that does means termination of parental rights.  At Gibbons Law Firm, our ability to investigate and negotiate cases becomes a significant asset to our clients dealing with this difficult situation.  

The legal aspects of family law at the Lake of the Ozarks can be highly complex and extremely sensitive and emotional because of the personal nature of the disputes. Gibbons Law Firm is committed to providing the legal advice and counseling that clients need in difficult times while making life-changing decisions.  If you are involved in a family dispute or need legal advice for your family, contact our firm and make an appointment today.  We are here for you, to answer your questions and see how we can help.

Remember, your initial consultation with Gibbons Law Firm is always free.

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