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What YOU can do to Fight a Personal Injury Case Successfully!

Dealing with a personal injury as a result of someone else’s actions or inactions can be a very overwhelming situation. You have to deal with your physical injury and everything it takes for you to recover. You also have to deal with the financial burden of not being able to work. On top of that, you have the stress of the unknown regarding your personal injury case. As personal injury attorneys in mid-Missouri, we are advocates for those who have been injured, and we understand how important it is that you have a successful outcome to your case. We know victims can feel very helpless during a time like this, but there are things that you can empower yourself to do that will help your case and your future. So, we wanted to share five things in today’s blog that you can do to help your personal injury case at Lake of the Ozarks.

1) Seek Medical Care Immediately

Many people will self-assess and think they are just fine after an accident. They just think they may be sore or shook up, but not actually injured. But it is actually possible to have broken bones and not know it for days. So, it is essential that you do seek professional medical care to make sure you don’t have injuries that you are not aware of. Another important reason to seek professional medical care is so that your injuries can be documented officially. That may become very important to your personal injury case later. In addition, you want to be sure that you follow the advice of your medical professionals. You don’t want an insurance attorney trying to make you look as though you were causing your own limitations or not helping your own situation. By following medical advice, you will show that you’re doing everything you can to improve your situation, and you will effectively highlight the genuine limitations that have been created by your injury.

2) Know Your Rights

The earlier you can seek legal advice the better. Your personal injury attorney at Lake of the Ozarks will want to start investigating as soon as possible to find out exactly what happened so they can start building your case. Memories fade with time, so it’s best to interview and gather information as early as possible. You also want to stay in touch with your attorney throughout the case and keep them informed of any changes when it comes to your medical conditions or your abilities to work. Your attorney should be considered a partner with you throughout the whole process during your personal injury case. They are there to look out for your best interest, so you want to work with them and cooperate with them as a team.

3) Journal and Document Your Journey

You’re going to go through a lot during this time. There will be a lot of discussions related to your health and the accident that caused your injury. First of all, you want to remember everything you can at the time of the injury. What happened, what conditions may have contributed to it, who did what, etc. It will be hard to remember those things later, so you want to write it down as soon as possible. Then your recovery process will have a story of its own. When you get news from the doctor or you get results from a test, you want to document that and journal it so none of it is forgotten. You want every detail possible available for your attorney to use, so put it on paper and take notes after every doctor visit, every meeting related to your injury, and every conversation with your insurance company.

4) Have Your Attorney Present When Giving Statements

You want to be very careful about what you say to anyone and everyone during your personal injury case. Gibbons Law Firm knows exactly what kind of things can be used against a claimant in a personal injury case. We also know the techniques that are used to try to get people to say things that can be construed as guilt or responsibility. That is why you should always have your attorney with you when giving statements so they can help you avoid being drawn in to saying something that could be a detriment to your own case.

5) Be Honest, But Don't Volunteer Information

It’s a good rule of thumb not to volunteer any information regarding your case, especially before it is settled. Talking about any details regarding how the accident happened, your pain, your injuries, or even an inspirational quote on social media saying how you are persevering and rising above the challenge, can be misconstrued as though the injury is really not affecting you as much as it is. It really is best just to not talk about your case, even with friends and extended family. Don’t volunteer information. On the flipside, when you do need to share the facts on your injuries, your limitations, your pain, and the cause of the accident, you want to be very clear and forthcoming and honest. Don’t exaggerate, don’t underestimate, just be factual.

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