Friday, November 18, 2022

3 Tips to Guide You When Dividing Marital Property

Going through a divorce is not easy. It is not just about the emotional situation you find yourself in, it is also about potentially selling a house, moving, deciding on things like child custody, and division of marital assets. A lot of factors are involved in dealing with each one of these things and any way that you can make the process easier for yourself is worth considering. At Gibbons Law Firm, we understand it is a stressful time for you. We also have been down this road helping clients achieve their goals and start new chapters in life. When it comes to dividing assets, we do have a few tips that can help you get through the process easier and with less cost. So, just keep reading for three ideas that will help you when dividing marital assets.

1) Decide for Yourself

In the process of a divorce, there are a lot of factors that the Court will factor in when it comes to dividing marital property. The Court will look at each spouse’s current income, their earning potential, and even how they handled their finances during the marriage. This can lead to requiring a lot of documentation and time, and in the end, it still may not be what either of you want. 

2) Focus on Something You Both Can Live With

While there may not be a perfect way to divide assets so that both parties gets 100% of what they want, it is more likely that the two of you would be able to sit down and come up with what you both can live with. This was not something you planned having to do. It’s not going to be perfect, but you can reach an equitable (which doesn’t always mean equal) agreement where you can move forward with your life.

3) Be Business-Minded

It is easy to let yourself start thinking about how unfair it is to have to decide who gets what. Emotions are naturally high during a divorce, but they are usually not helpful when it comes to negotiations. The more you can think about this process as a business decision, the easier it will be to come to a mutual agreement. That is why having a compassionate and experienced divorce attorney at Lake of the Ozarks to diffuse emotions and negotiate on your behalf can make the whole process much less stressful and potentially bring about a better outcome.

Let Roger Gibbons Guide You Through Your Divorce 

Roger Gibbons is well versed in handling these types of negotiations compassionately and intelligently. He listens to his clients to understand their most important desired outcomes and helps guide them to a path that is most likely to bring that outcome for them. Then he negotiates on their behalf to come to a legal agreement that everyone is willing to sign. If you have any questions about dividing marital property, or any aspect of the divorce process, please call Gibbons Law Firm and schedule a free initial consultation. It will feel better knowing what your rights are and what the process looks like so you can make an informed decision from there. If you’d like to hear more helpful information and legal tips from our law firm in Lake Ozark, we have links below for you to use to follow us on your favorite social media platform.

Remember, your initial consultation with Gibbons Law Firm is always free.

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