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Ways to Help Your Cause During a Child Custody Case

Child custody can be one of the most critical factors for a parent considering divorce.  The idea of a child not being able to see a parent as much as they would like and need due to custody arrangements is heartbreaking. If you are a parent going through a divorce, Gibbons Law Firm would like to share a few things you can be mindful of to improve your chances of being awarded custody.  Our Lake of the Ozarks divorce lawyers know the court is looking for whatever is in the best interest of the child. With that in mind, there are several factors that can be considered.  To learn how to help your cause during a child custody case, keep reading this blog!  We will discuss 5 things you can do to give yourself the best chance of being awarded custody of your child.

Fair Sharing of Time

In most cases, it is best for kids to be able to spend time with both parents.  The parent who shows more willingness to allow the child to have a fair share of time with the other parent and who does not try to hinder that process will most likely be seen more favorably when it comes to determining child custody.

Child’s Wishes

Your child may have a preference for which parent he/she wants to have custody.  It may be something as simple as the child not wanting to change schools, or leave friends, or the community in which they have grown up so far.  They may feel more secure or stable in one parent’s home versus the other.  The court will factor these things into the decision.

Parents’ Mental and Emotional Stability

If a parent shows a history of being aggressive or abusive, having addiction issues, or being a “hot head” that can be a serious detriment to their child custody case.  Even though this is an extremely emotional situation, it is key to your case that you maintain self-control at all times – including on social media, when you are meeting with your ex, when in court, around your kids and other family members, etc.

Ensure a Stable Home Environment

The court will want to see that the child has an environment that will allow consistent interaction not only with parents, but also with siblings, and other people who play a significant and positive role in the child’s life.  Having a steady income and a safe neighborhood is important, as well as regular participation in the child’s extracurricular activities like sports, school plays, doctor’s appointments, parent-teacher meetings, etc. If either parent has plans to relocate and change the primary residence that will also be considered in the decision for child custody.

Be Cooperative

This can be a major challenge when dealing with an ex, but it will reflect directly on your temperament and how you will conduct yourself as a parent sharing your child with the other parent.  You may be very justified in refusing to cooperate, but it will not help your cause when it comes to child custody. It is especially important to avoid being negative or adversarial with your ex and that you do not put your child in the middle of the drama by criticizing his/her other parent to or in front of them.  The more agreeable you can be the better.  Your Central Missouri divorce attorney should be able to help advise and redirect you to keep cool and focus on the end goal.

Gibbons Law Firm is Prepared to Help you with Your Child Custody!

Our caring child custody lawyers at the Lake of the Ozarks have your back and know how to help you through this difficult time.  You can count on our Lake Ozark law firm to advise you and guide you with the legal information that you need to make the best decisions for your children.  If you have any questions about your child custody case, please do not hesitate to give us a call for your free consultation. GibbonsLaw Firm can be reached at (573) 348-2211. Be sure to follow us on social media using the links below to stay up-to-date on all our latest legal tips and helpful information. 

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