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5 of the Most Common Reasons People Contact Gibbons Law Firm

There are many different reasons people seek the legal services of Gibbons Law Firm. Roger Gibbons is an experienced lawyer and litigator who is committed to clear communication and providing sound advice as he guides his clients through difficult legal issues.  Roger Gibbons has represented a variety of clients including individuals, employees, builders, contractors, homeowners, lenders, small businesses, subcontractors, municipalities, and other government entities. If you are curious what the top 5 reason are why people seek the legal services of our Lake Ozark law firm, we have them for you in this week’s blog.  


Setting up and running a business can involve a lot of legal questions. Many of those questions are specific to the type of business you are in and having the right legal guidance from the very beginning is critical. An experienced business law attorney at Lake of the Ozarks will know how you should structure your business with consideration for legal liability and tax implications, etc. They can also write contracts between business partners, the business and vendors or employees, and more. Your business attorney can provide legal guidance when it comes to having employees such as hiring, firing, and workman’s comp. Businesses even seek legal advice when it comes to collections when clients won’t pay. 

Estate Planning

Everyone knows they should put their affairs in order in case something unexpected were to happen to them. But many people don’t know where to start and can find the process overwhelming. Or worse, they take care of some parts of their estate planning but leave out other key parts. Our estate planning attorneys in mid-Missouri will look at things like guardianship for children, where your assets will go, if you need a trust, writing a will, establishing a durable power of attorney, etc. Gibbons Law Firm can make sure every piece of the puzzle is in place to document your wishes and make them legally binding.   

Personal Injury

When someone sustains a serious injury in an accident, they really should have the support of a skilled personal injury attorney who can look at the situation and assess whether they may have a case for seeking compensation. That is why many of our clients have contacted our personal injury lawyers at Lake of the Ozarks. When a victim is facing stacking medical bills and limitations in their ability to work, they need someone on their side to fight for them while they focus on healing and trying to adjust to a life-changing injury. 

Criminal Charges

Some people contact our law firm because they find themselves facing criminal charges. Sometimes they are minor charges, sometimes they are very serious charges. Either way, it is essential that the person being charged knows their rights and has legal guidance as soon as possible after being charged and throughout the entire process. 

Family Law

Many of the aspects of family law we handle are related to divorce. From the dissolution of marriage itself and division of assets; to establishment of or changes in things like custody, child support, visitation, etc. But in addition, our family law attorneys in central Missouri can assist you with adoption, and guardianship not related to divorce (e.g. adults, foster children, etc.).  

Gibbons Law Firm Can Help with YOUR Legal Questions, Too!

No matter the legal issue at hand, when a person contacts Gibbons Law Firm, they know they will be dealing with someone who cares about providing clear and accurate information. When you need legal guidance in order to make an informed decision when facing a difficult challenge, Roger Gibbons has the expertise you can rely one. Your initial consultation is free, all you have to do is call and make an appointment. To hear more tips and information about various legal topics, we invite you to follow us on our social media channels listed below!

Remember, your initial consultation with Gibbons Law Firm is always free.

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