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Low-Cost No-Drama Divorces ARE Possible: Here is How

If you are in the planning stages of going through a divorce, we know there’s a lot to consider. It can be overwhelming at times, especially when you start thinking about the uncertainty of the future. There are a lot of variables on how the divorce may go, and those variables can affect your daily life. On top of that there’s the emotion of the broken relationship and how that could potentially affect family relationships as well. At Gibbons Law Firm, we are very sensitive to how difficult it is to go through a divorce. We also are experienced enough to know there are some ways that you can make it easier on yourself, and achieve a more successful outcome. In this week's blog, we want to share with you a few tips to keep in mind that could potentially make your divorce go more smoothly, and therefore be quicker and more affordable in the long run. To hear what they are, just keep reading. 

Decide for yourself

It is usually best for the couple to be able to work out the outcome of the divorce together, rather than letting the courts do it. If the court gets involved, it will look at a number of different things to decide how your assets are divided as well as custody issues. The court will look at things such as your income, each spouse's earning potential, and how both of you handle your finances during the marriage. This can lead to a complicated, drawn out, and potentially expensive process. Although it may not be 100% to your liking, if you have a mindset to look for common ground and to look for a mutually agreeable conclusion, it may be better for you in the end. Obviously, if you are getting a divorce, there may be some difficulty in working out disagreements, but in the long-run it can save both you and your estranged spouse the time and cost of letting the court make that decision. So there is incentive for both parties to make the effort to work together. 

Consider Your Goals

At the end of the process, your goal is to be divorced, to walk away with a fair settlement, and to be able to move forward in life in a positive way. Sometimes, people are so hurt that they react to the divorce process as though it is an opportunity to prove who is right and wrong, or seek vindication. But the divorce process is not about that. No matter how valid they may be, if you focus on all the reasons you’re getting divorced, and the things that were unfair and hurtful to you, it can actually be a major hindrance to your goal of walking away with a fair settlement. The key is to approach your divorce proceedings with more of a business mindset, and a focus on what you want the end outcome to be. It’s not about digging up past wrongs, it is about setting the stage for your future.

Communicate Clearly and Purposefully

This one can be a challenge, but can be so important when it comes to a successful outcome. Again, this is not a time to think about all the reasons you’re getting divorced. It is about finding a path forward. So, if you can keep your communication clear and focus on the purpose of your end goal, it is more likely to go peacefully and smoothly. Obviously, in some divorces, the relationship is so strained, it can make that kind of communication almost impossible. But that is what your divorce attorney at Lake of the Ozarks is for. Instead, communicate clearly with your attorney, let your attorney know your purpose and what you would like to achieve as an end goal. A skilled attorney can then negotiate with your spouse or their attorneys to help you achieve that purpose. When you’re able to clearly state your position and avoid rehashing the same painful issues, your attorney can take that and fight on your behalf. So stay focused on the path forward, and let your attorney structure your divorce settlement with those purposes in mind.

Gibbons Law Firm is Here to Help You Through

Our divorce attorneys in mid-Missouri know that this is a difficult time for you, and we want to help make it as easy as possible. We also want to help you set yourself up for success in your future endeavors. We have learned from experience that having the right mindset and communication style can make or break the outcome of your divorce. If you are facing a divorce in the near future, we want you to know that we offer free initial consultations at our law office in Lake Ozark. We will be more than willing to sit down with you, talk about your goals, your rights, and what you want to achieve in your divorce agreement. Just give us a call at (573) 348-2211 to schedule a free consultation. Don't forget to follow us on our social media channels using the links below to stay in touch and hear more information and helpful legal tips from Gibbons Law Firm.

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