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Knowing What to Do Right After A Car Accident

Being in a car accident can be a very traumatizing thing to experience. Even being in a little fender bender, can make it hard to focus at the time. A major accident can be completely rattling. If you or someone you know has been seriously injured in a car accident, it’s important to have a good personal injury attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks. It is critical that you know your rights and have someone that will help you through the case so you can focus on getting well. Your initial consultation at our Lake Ozark law office is free. So give us a call at 573-348-2211 to learn more about your rights when it comes to your personal injury case.

In case you are ever in a car accident at Lake of the Ozarks, we wanted to share some tips on what to do because if you’re prepared ahead of time, you may be able to get through the situation more easily. With road conditions at Lake of the Ozarks, there may be a little recourse if someone is distracted or using bad judgment. We have blind curves and hills, and many roads with no shoulders, so even a fraction of a second of inattention can lead to a devastating car accident. If you want to be more prepared in case you ever are in a car accident so you know what to do, we wrote this blog for you.

Survey the Scene

Right after an accident, the most important thing to do is look around and survey the scene for safety. Make sure you’re OK, everyone else is OK, and look out for traffic. If it’s possible to move your car to the side of the road or out of the trafficway it is best to do so. If you have to leave your car in the roadway, call a tow truck immediately and do not stay in your car. Get as far away from traffic as possible and watch traffic carefully the whole time. The last thing you want to see happen is to cause or be in a secondary accident because of the first one.

Call First Responders

Obviously, you will need to call 911 so a police officer can evaluate the situation and make a police report. You will want to get a copy of that accident report once it is finished, for your own records and for your insurance company. It is also important to make sure everyone receives medical attention if they need it. Calling the ambulance will not only bring medical professionals to help, but it will also be a process that will document the injuries sustained.

Further Documentation

As soon as you can, start taking notes and writing down everything you can remember about what happened. Take pictures while you’re at the scene, write down what you saw or heard. Note any factors or conditions like other traffic, weather, or road hazards that could have played a part in the accident. The more details you can gather the better, and the sooner you get them the better. Your memory will likely  fade over time so record this information while it is fresh in your mind.

Call Your Insurance Representative

This is another thing you want to do as soon as possible because that is how you will get the claims process started. Your insurance company will guide you through the process from there.

Know your Rights

When you’ve been in a car accident it is important to have experienced legal representation to look out for you and your rights. No doubt, you will have questions about the whole situation and the course of action you should take. Our law firm in Lake Ozark is experienced in fighting personal injury cases and we are dedicated to helping you through the process to get the compensation you are due. Gibbons Law Firm has successfully represented many clients and we are available to help you, too. We can carry the load of dealing with your court case, while you focus on the task of healing and getting well. If you are suffering with a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence, we encourage you to reach out to our mid-Missouri Law Firm for a free initial consultation. If you found this blog helpful, and would like to hear more tips and insights on legal issues at Lake of the Ozarks, be sure to use the links below to follow us on social media.

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